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Game Strategy for a wide range of Games.

I cover Games as diverse as Risk, Diplomacy, Monopoly, Backgammon, Carcassonne, Poker, Chess, the list goes on. These are the bread and butter games of Historygamer.com. I grew up with games like this (well not Carcassonne, those tile games are a newer idea).

Anyway, the unpredicatblilty of a multiplayer war game, the art of delicate diplomacy and striking out for victory are talked about at length here on the website and in my eBooks.

See my Strategy guides below on how to win, or the list of games above (scroll up to the top right).

Risk Strategy Diplomacy Rules & Strategy Monopoly Strategy Backgammon Rules & Strategy

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Subscriber Participiation Games and Request a Game

I like to write games you know. For the sake of time I will often take a well known game and adapt it's rules into something much better (of course I'm biased here - he he). I then offer these games for subscribers of the Historygamer LBRY.tv channel to play in.

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Tour De France Con Man Monopoly Treasure Island Gladiator (the game with no rules) Bull Run Run Outs Kingmaker (inc. HG Tournament) Olympics Game Snapshot Apocalypse US Presidential Election War and Peace Campaign Hex Board Diplomacy One Turn Risk! Diplomacy on a Risk Board Kingmaker & Tournament

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eBook Series

I am writing a series of five books on how to win at games, with an emphasis on multiplayer board games. These are notoriously difficult to consistantly win at, and so I'll be explaining how to get an edge in a variety of tricky situations.

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Historygamer is the home of Game variants.

Unique gaming experiences if you will, Written and hosted by Steve of Historygamer.com on LBRY.tv for subscribers to participate in.

Play games with us at HistoryGamer.com on LBRY.tv. Winners qualify for the Hall of Fame!

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Poker for Fun

I invite you to play with myself and other HistoryGamer players FOR FUN ONLY (no real money is at risk). We play for play money and pride.

Back in 2005-2008 I organised my own weekly Poker Home Game. I was the most consistent player in our pool of 12 or so players. I also played in those huge Lucky Dollar or Freeroll Tournaments making final table several times, and modest profits.

Those days are long gone, but how about joining me now for fun with play money only?

Get 10,000 Free chips and join me.

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